4 Essential Tips on How to Prevent Cell Phone Theft

According to a research, young people lose their cell phones more than others. The research says that about 45% of cell phone users ranging in the age group of 18 and 24 have reported cell phone loss or theft on the other hand 3 in every 10 cell phone users ranging in the age group of 35 and 54 have complained of cell phone loss or theft.

So now if you happen to fall in the first age group be extra careful about your mobile phone, though it is true for all the mobile users that among all the other gizmos and gadgets, cell phones get most easily stolen! Here are tips on How to Prevent Cell Phone Theft, follow them and keep your phone safe. Indeed well guarded from thieves.

4 Essential Tips on How to Prevent Cell Phone Theft

Look Who’s Watching While Using In Public

Most snatch and run kind thieves always keep an eye on mobile users, the moment you get a bit lost talking on the phone or leave your phone unattended, the thief will snatch away your phone and will be gone.

True that a mobile phone is mobile in true sense only when you are using it on the go or are out in the public but with rise in the number of thieves, it is risky too. It won’t be practical to not to use your mobile at all in public but still avoid using in places that are theft prone. And also be alert; look around if anybody is keeping an eye on your move, if anybody is following you, if you find anybody suspicious.

Don’t Move Around With Expensive Cell Phones

The expensive your phone is more chances of theft and loss it has. If you are planning to go out for picnic or outing away from your house for a day or two and you aren’t very sure how the place is going to be, don’t take your expensive Blackberry, or Android smart phone, instead keep a cheaper option with you that you can use in an emergency.

Install Mobile Anti Theft Software

There are plenty many mobile anti theft software available on the market and they prove perfect security system for your cell phone. Simply install one on your cell phone to keep it safe all the time. With the help of software you’ll be able to access your phone remotely. And if your phone still gets stolen, you can remotely lock it or choose to delete confidential data on it. It also helps in recovering your lost phone as you get to track the data, or SIM exchange as well as the location. Most smart phones come with latest security systems but still they miss out some or other features but a special cell phone security app offers all the needed features.

Report To Your Carrier & The Police If You Lose Your Device

If you think your phone has got stolen let your cell phone carrier know about that and lodging a complaint with the police is equally important as this increases the chances of your phone’s recovery. Also don’t forget to note the 15 digit IMEI number or International Mobile Equipment Identity number with you; this will be helpful in preventing your cell phone from being accessed.

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