Cumin Seeds Powder | Health Benefits of Cumin Spice

Cumin (Cumin / Jeera) is a delicious spice masala and Cumin is also used as a drug at a very high extent. Cumin is very popular in Asia. It is of 3 types-
  • White cumin seeds.
  • Cinnamon cumin seeds.
  • Black cumin seeds.
Their properties are the same. All the three cumin seeds are spicy and sharp.

Cumin: A Cure in the Form of a Spice


59 Benefits of Cumin

Benefits of cumin for constipation, cure, peptide, gastric, forceful, coughing and eyes.
White cumin seed-spraying and spices come in handy and Shah Zira is used as a special medicine.
Thyme cumin seeds and Shellfish are two different types of cumin. Thyme cumin is known as a small cumin seed or isabgol.

Ayurvedic prescriptions of cumin: Jeera Benefits in Ayurveda

Cumin as a Cure of Asthma Disease

At the time of asthma, cumin, black pepper, salt and whey should be consumed. Cumin Powder and lemon water mixture is a great medicine for asthma.

Dry Skin cure by Cumin

Mixing 1 spoonful of cumin seeds, mixing one spoonful of honey, lick after eating after eating it, there is benefit in dry skin. There are many benefits of honey and cumin mix on skin. This is a natural organic way to get clear skin.

Cumin: A Cure in the Form of a Spice

Get Relief from Acidity by Cumin

• Mix cumin seeds, coriander and sugar candy in equal quantity, mixing 2-2 teaspoons in the morning and evening meal after getting cooked with cold water, acidity gets cured.
• Mix 5 grams cumin powder with jaggery and consume it.
• Mix 1 gram coriander in 1 gm cumin powder, mixing a little quantity of sugar mixed with acid helps in acidification.
• Make a powder by adding cumin and sugar. Take this powder in half a tablespoon of milk with milk.
• Grind 40 grams of white cumin seeds and 40 grams coriander with water and mix it with 320 grams of ghee. Consuming this mixture from 6 grams to 20 grams, the complaint of acetic acid is eradicated.
• Make powder by mixing white cumin seeds, black cumin seeds, sesame seeds, roasted asafoetida and black pepper in equal quantity and take half-a-half spoonful of powder with water.

Cumin Reduces Stomachache

• Drink 2 grams of cumin seeds mixed with lukewarm water and drink it with relief in stomachache.
• Grind white cumin seeds with alcohol and take it on the stomach and relax in stomachache.
• Take 3-3 grams of finely grind cumin seeds twice a day with hot water and get relief from body aches and stomach aches.
• Eating with 120 grams of black cumin seed with honey is beneficial. Health benefits of cumin and honey is like a panacea for stomachache.

Cumin: An Organic Remedy of Constipation

• Prepare the powder by roasting cumin 120 grams, coriander roasted 80 grams, 40 grams of black pepper, 100 grams of salt, 15 grams of cinnamon, 15 ml of lemon juice, 200 grams of native clay, and 200 grams of gram flour, By consuming it, constipation is destroyed and hunger increases. Cumin and ginger mix can be a solution to constipation.
• Grind 25 grams black and white roasted cumin seeds, peepal 25 grams, boil 25 grams, 25 grams of black pepper and black gram 25 grams, then mix 10 grams roasted asafoetida afterwards. Then add lemon juice in this made powder and make small tablets and dry it after eating it and eat two tablets as dosage. Constipation is removed from it.

Vomiting Can be Reduced by Cumin

• If the juice of the bark is stirred with cumin and sugar candy, then along with vomiting, fever and diarrhea, it also gets cured.
• Take one spoon of honey in a fine powder of one spoon roasted cumin and after taking it daily after eating it. Vomit is fine with it. There are many benefits of garlic and cumin mix in preventing vomiting.

Usage of Cumin Blisters of Mouth

Grind cumin seeds and mix equal to rocket cumin seeds. Grind them. Applying it in the mouth, the ulcers are cured.

Cumin as a Remedy of Diarrhea

• Eat the fine white cumin powder in half to two grams with yogurt for 2 to 3 times daily. Due to this, diarrhea, lack of food and lack of appetite can be cured.
• Put the honey in half a spoonful of cumin seeds and roast it in 1 day.
• If you have thin scalp, add cumin seeds and grind cumin seeds, mix them in half a teaspoon of honey and grind it four times daily.
• After eating the meal, add cumin seeds, black salt together in buttermilk. This will close the diarrhea.
• After eating, after eating the food, add cumin seeds and cumin seeds in the buttermilk, get relief in diarrhea.
• Put a spoon cumin seeds, 2 cloves of garlic, one teaspoon of dry ginger, one spoonful of fennel, 2 cloves and 4 grams of pomegranate fruit and fry them, fry this powder, consume the amount of half spoon 3 times a day Gains the benefits in diarrhea.
• Make a powder by grinding cumin and sugar finely and after mixing it with buttermilk in a spoonful amount of 1 teaspoon, diarrhea is stopped repeatedly.

Cumin: A Cure in the Form of a Spice

Infirmity of the Heart Can be Taken Care by Cumin

Soak 10 grams of cumin seeds white in 100 grams of water. Filter the morning and mix it with the drink and drink it.

Cumin for Treating Chickenpox

Keep 100 grams of coriander and 50 grams of cumin seeds for 12 hours in the water to soak them. Then mix both well in water and filter this water and fill it in the bottle. In the disease of smallpox, it is beneficial to drink the same water after the child is thirsty again.

Tumorrhea (Tonsil) Treatment by Cumin

Grind 3 grams cumin and 2 grams of ocher together and after applying it on the throat with water, swelling of the throat and pain is removed.

Use of Cumin in the Preparation of Cough Syrup

It is beneficial to grind cumin seeds with hot water, itching in skin diseases like itching, pimples, irritation, pain etc.

White Spots Treated by Cumin

• Make a fine powder of 10-10 grams of Khadir tree bark (katha tree skins), black cumin seeds, green tea. After eating this 3 grams of powdered food with Khadirasar, after consuming it, white stains are destroyed.

• Grind 3 grams black pepper and mix with 25 grams of sugar, white stain is healed.

Burning Treatment by Cumin

Grinding cumin seeds with water and grafting on the burnt organ gives benefits.

Treatment of Swelling in the Body by Cumin

Grind cumin and sugar in equal proportions, and take 1-1 teaspoon three times in the form of Funky daily, swelling is removed.

Cumin Cures Disease of Hiccup

• Take half to two grams of white cumin seeds in the morning and evening with ghee, it removes the disease of hiccup.
• After drinking cumin seeds, the hiccup is stopped.
• Put cumin seeds in vinegar and boil it. Filter it and drink it This makes profit in hiccups.
• Grind cumin seeds and pippi and make powder. Mix a little peacock in it. Eat about 2 grams of honey with it. This will stop hiccups coming.
• Take half to 2 grams of white cumin ghee in the morning and evening, there is a benefit in the hiccup. Smoking is also beneficial in hiccups.

Cumin Improves Digestion:

Grind with 10 grams of cumin seeds, 10 grams of salt, 10 grams of sterilis, 10 grams of dry ginger, 10 grams of pepper, 10 grams of black pepper, 10 grams of black salt, 10 grams of parsley, 10 grams asafetida, and 10 grams of vermilion. Make the powder, add 40 grams of nitrogen in this powder, taking 3-3 grams of hot water with hot water twice a day increases digestion of the stomach.

Cumin Prevents Disease of Mouth

Black cumin, kooth and Indrajo together with all the cheeks, mouth chest, mouth ulcer and deodorant are removed.

Cumin is a Deodorant of the Mouth

Fry the cumin seeds and fresh your mouth and breath.

Use of Cumin to Prevent Vomiting of Pregnant Women

Make a light by wrapping cumin in a silky cloth. Burning it and smelling it smokes the old vomiting.

Prevention of Blood with Urine by Cumin

It is beneficial to take half a to two grams of cumin seeds in water and mix it with water twice a day.

Cumin Can Solve Hearing Problem

The disease of hearing less can be cured by cumin.

Prevent Hemorrhoids by Cumin

• By making a decoction of saiyah jira (black cumin), it is beneficial in piles after washing piles of piles.
• Eat cumin and sugar candy and drink it with water, rest in the pain of piles (Arhar).
• Add cumin, fennel and coriander 1-1 teaspoon to 1 glass water and boil until half the water is finished, then after mixing one spoonful of ghee in the water, mix it twice a day and get relief in piles.
• Fry 25 grams of black cumin, mix it with 25 grams of black gram flour and make powder by roasting it. Take this 3 grams powder with water every morning.

Kidney Disease Prevention by Cumin

Grind black cumin seeds 20 grams, oven 10 grams, black salt 5 grams, mix vinegar and take 3-3 grams every evening.

Cumin Helps in Menstruation

• Prepare the paste with 5 grams black cumin seeds, granulated pulp 10 grams, dry ginger, and 5 grams all three. It should be applied on the stomach for fifteen days. This treatment should be done every day for fifteen days. From this, menstruation begins to come openly and also the pain of nerves is destroyed.

• Take 6 grams of black cumin seeds, 6 grams of cinnamon, gum, chitak (cheetah), 6 grams of fennel and boil it in 100 ml while the amount of 25 millimeters remains in the remaining. It consumes 30 to 50 millimeters of water twice a day, and there is no pain in the menstrual cycle.

Dysentery Can be Treated by Cumin

Take 3 grams black cumin and pomegranate leaves in water and drink it, removes the disease of bloody dysentery.

Cure Malfunctioned Digestion by Cumin

• Make powder by grinding 10 grams cumin seeds, 10 grams of dry ginger, 15 grain peel and 20 grain black peppers. Mix a little rock salt in it and take half-a-half spoonful of it in the morning and evening with lukewarm water.
• Boil 2 spoons cumin in water, when the water is half to one cup, it is useful to take 3 doses in a day as a dose.
• Make powder by mixing cumin seeds, dry ginger, roasted asafetida, black pepper, cloves and grind 10-10 grams, then take a punch of this powder from it and drink it with water.

Stop Epidemiology by Cumin

• Mix 2 grams of white cumin powder and 1 gram powder of mithri in the removal of bitter nem bark and taking it with honey, white is destroyed.
• Grind cumin and sugar candy in equal quantity and make powder, then after consuming this powder with rice wash, get benefit in white blood.
• Take 1 spoon cumin seeds and fry them on the pan. Then grind it and mix it with a little sugar. This eliminates white fibers.

Prevent Stone Generation in Body by Health

Make powder by mixing cumin and sugar in equal proportions. Stones are fine after taking 1-1 spoonful of crushed rice with cold water thrice a day.

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Cure Toothache by Cumin

• Rinse the black cumin with boiled water and remove the pain of the tooth.
• Fry 3 grams cumin seeds and mix 3 grams rock salt in it and grind it finely and make the mango. Dissolving this mungen on gums ends the pain of swelling and teeth.

Prevent Repeated Urination by Cumin

Make powder by mixing cumin, nutmeg and black salt in 2-2 grams of coconut, then it benefits from eating this mixture with 100 ml juice of pineapple.

Remove Mouth Stench by Cumin

If you have smells in the mouth, then fry cumin seeds. This use removes the stench of the mouth.

Get Relief from Malaria Fever by Cumin

• Grind one spoon cumin seeds, add 10 grams of jaggery. Make 3 doses of this before giving fever, give it in the morning, afternoon and evening.
• 1 teaspoon cumin seeds without grinding. Mix 3 times jaggery in it and make 3 tablets. Use the pills between 1-1 hours before the onset of malaria fever at a certain time, use it for a few days. It cures malaria fever.
• Make small tablets by grinding black cumin seeds, elua, dry ginger, black pepper, neem tree of kharif tree and granary of Karanje. Maleria fever is eliminated by taking 1-1 pills in the day to 3-3 hours of the day.

Cure Slow Digestion by Cumin

Make cumin powder by adding equal quantity of cumin seeds, peanut, rock salt, peepal, black pepper, and equal quantity. After eating 1 tablespoon of this powder, eating it with fresh water, food gets digested quickly.

To Get a Clear Face Use Cumin

Boil cumin and wash it with water, it increases the beauty of the face. It can be used as a natural remedy to clear dead skin.

Treat Itching and Hives by Cumin

Boil cumin seeds in water, washing the body with that water will erase the itching and hives of the body.

Prevent Gum in Breasts by Cumin

If the lactation occurs in women breastfeeding, then add cumin seeds in water and apply it on the breast. The advantage will come.

Removal of Accumulated Milk from Breasts by Cumin

Add cumin seeds to 50 grams by roasting it in the cow's ghee and mix it in the amount of 50 gram in it. It should be used in the amount of 5-5 grams with milk in the morning. This also makes the uterus clean and increases milk in the chest.

Increase Milk in Breasts by Cumin

• Mix white cumin, fennel and sugar candy in separate quantities of different powders. Giving it a spoon of milk three times a day with milk, there is more growth in the milk of the mother giving woman.
• Breast milk increases in a few days after drinking white cumin seeds and chutney rice in the milk.
• 125 grams of cumin seed and mix 125 grams of sugar mixed in it. Consume it for 1 teaspoon every morning and in the evening. This increases milk in breasts.

Cumin is Beneficial for Night Blindness

• Mix cumin, amla and cotton leaves and grind them into cold water and make a paste. For a few days, the rhythm will be removed from the band after placing it on the head.
• Making cumin powder by taking cumin seeds is beneficial in night blindness (not visible at night).

Cumin Goes Against Scorpion Poison

Grind cumin and salt and mix it with ghee and honey and heat it a bit and apply it on a scorpion stinger.

Cumin: A Cure in the Form of a Spice

Cure Fever by Cumin

Mix 5 grams of cumin seeds with old jaggery and make pills and eat fever and chronic fever.

Burning of Chest Due to Acetic Acid by Cumin

Acidity is beneficial for taking coriander and cumin powder together after burning of chest caused by food due to acid.

Stop Inflammation of the Testicles by Cumin

• Grind 10-10 grams cumin seeds, black pepper and boil the water with boiling ovaries after boiling it in water.
• Grind 10-10 grams cumin seeds and oily water and make a little bit by applying it on the test, the growth of the testicles stops.

Increased Meat of the Uterus can be Reduced by Cumin

Mix black cumin and elephant nails thoroughly and mix fermented oil. Then it should be soaked in cotton cloth and kept in vagina for three days. This reduces the increased meat of the uterus.

Cumin can be a Precaution for Winter

• Boil cumin seeds in water and remove the scabs and scabies of the body by bathing with that water.
• Take 5-5 grams of cumin, coriander and ginger in boiling water and boil it in water and after drinking this solution, cold bile ends soon.
• While bathing, take two teaspoons of cumin powder or one lemon in water and take bath. Eating bitter cumin seed with jaggery benefits greatly.

Prevent Pain and Swelling of the Breasts using Cumin

Grinding white cumin with alcohol and putting it on the breast eliminates the pain and swelling of the breasts.

Raising of the Breasts by Cumin

With the addition of black cumin seeds in half to two grams, add a little sugar candy and drinking them, the breasts are fully grown.

Cumin Removes Stomach Worms

• Mix black cumin powder mixed with honey and drink stomach worms.
• Boil cumin seeds, make a decoction, drinking this decoction removes stomach worms.

Cumin Fights Against All Kinds of Pain

Grind white cumin 40 grams, 20 grams of acetate, grind 10 grams black salt and 80 grams of black pepper, and grind it to grind and grind it, then add this powder to lemon juice and make small tablets twice a day Taking along with warm water brings all the pain benefits.

Treat Nasal Disease by Cumin

Mixing cumin powder, cumin and sugar together, drinking this drives away cold.

Improve White Blood Cells by Cumin

Grind cumin and sugar candy in equal quantity by making powder, then using this powder with the washing of rice, it provides benefits in white blood.

Removal of Infertility by Cumin

• If a woman is suffering from a back pain, it should be understood that the meat inside her uterus has increased. For this, completely burn the crack of the elephant and grind it thoroughly and grind it thoroughly, then mix 5 grams powder with black cumin and add turmeric oil to it. Infusion of this oil by putting it in a cotton wool and keeping the uterus in the vagina for 3 consecutive days.
• If a woman has pain in the stomach, then it should be understood that the uterus is burnt. Grind the black cumin seeds, roasted, roasted, 5-5 grams, and grind it, then put one gram palm in water and put it in cotton, and keep it on the mouth of the uterus in the vagina for three days continuously.

Increase the Size of the Breasts by Cumin (for women)

Black cumin increases in the size of the breasts by eating half a to two grams in a day in the morning and evening.

Take Care of Breasts’ Diseases by Cumin

20 white cumin seeds, cardamom seeds 10 grams, cucumber mangi 20 and pumpkin seeds measuring 20 nos. By grinding all these, after consuming 4-6 grams of water or with milk, the milk of the breasts increases and the impure milk gets purified. In the winter, take 3 grams of this powder in the winter and mixed with grated sugar candy and fry it, and drink goat's milk on top, it gives a lot of benefit.

Treatment of Eczema by Cumin

Eczema ends with 1 mg of roasted cumin seeds, 10 grams of sugar mixed with lemon juice and grinding it daily in the morning and evening.

Prevention of Arthritis by Cumin

Prepare the powder by grinding 25 grams of dry ginger, 25 grams of black pepper, 15 grams of peepal, 10 grams of garlic and 20 grams of white cumin seeds etc., all together. Take two pinch of this powder with honey in the morning and get relief in arthritis.

Organic Treatment of Skin Disease by Cumin

Grind cumin, wax, glass, honey and myar in equal amounts. Mixing it on the cow's ghee helps in boils and pimples. Cumin can be used to prepare natural homemade face packs for better skin care.

Treatment of Scab-itching by Cumin

Boil the cumin seeds in water and after bathing with that water the body's itching and urticaria (heat) disappears.

So we have discussed 59 health benefits of cumin. I hope you all have liked the article. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section. It means a lot. Thank you. And always check for food label symbols and opt best quality product.

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