Emerging Fashion Trends for 2019

New year, new fashion trends. Or are we carrying the ones from the previous year into the year 2019? Well, today’s blog will reveal it all to you. There are some new trends making their way into the year 2019. While many old trends very smoothly slid into this year as well. Trendsetters like Khaadi UAE and others help ensure that you all get a taste of the latest fashion through its clothes and accessories. Looking deeper into upcoming trends, let’s see which style will sway this year and the ones we have left in 2018.

Emerging Fashion Trends for 2019

Bamboo Bags

If you invested in one or more bamboo bags in 2018, hold onto them. Because Pinterest tells that these bags will continue to dominate 2019 as well. According to stats, the search for bamboo bags on Pinterest went up by 2,215 percent. Rest assured the trend is not dying anytime soon. So, ladies get ready to pair this unique accessory with your clothes.

Statement Sneakers

Another trend that has made its way into the year 2019 is the statement sneakers. Although they tend to get heavy on the pocket with brands like Balenciaga releasing this colorful and unique pair of shoes, people do not seem to complain. According to Pinterest the search for statement sneakers went up by 2,211 percent as well. Moreover, brands like Escada and Opening Ceremony have followed Balenciaga to release their versions of the sneakers as well. So, if there’s anything that you can expect this year, it should be more brands releasing their versions of statement sneakers. Which will leave you with a plethora of options to choose from.

Bike Shorts

Why should bikers have all the fun?
The bike shorts will be all the rage this year too. Whether it’s a coat that you want to flaunt or just a crop top that you wanna wear, pairing it up with bike shorts should be your new mantra. From Maryam Nassir Zadeh to Fendi, many designers sported this look on the Spring fashion runways. Which guarantees that this trend is here to stay. Pioneered by Kim Kardashian you cannot expect this trend to go out of style any time soon. But then again, whether it is here for a long or a short time that we cannot be sure about. But it will definitely dominate the year 2019.

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Divisive Footwear

If there’s anything that 2019 fashion trends are bringing your way, it’s a comfort. From clothing to footwear, every trend is reflecting comfort. Don’t believe me? Then how will you explain the ugly footwear that dominated the runways? The shoes speak volumes about comfort but are a bit too low on the appearance aspect. But that should not bother you. Because women barely get to relax their feet as they are always running after the glamorous look with heels that give them blisters. So, this year, it’s time to ditch the uncomfortable footwear for this rather comfy (and ugly) pair of shoes.

Where My Grandma at?

What is the first word that comes to your mind when I say, grandma? I am guessing knitwear? Well, time to ask your grannies for a little favor this year because knitwear’s back and it’s here to stay. You can choose between genuine knitwear and small embroidered details, though. From Dior to Jil Sander, the runways had a lot of knitwear to display. This might be the result of not so comfy looking materials like leather staying in fashion for too long. Time to invest in some knitwear ya all!

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We are Living in the 2000s

Some of the fashion trends that many say they would not want back in life include denim mini-skirts and shoulder pads. However, the runways at LaQuan Smith and Christian Cowan had a different story to tell. Styles like low-rise pants, flip-flops, and bandana tops dominated these runways. Clearly, the 2000s are making a comeback.

Artisanal Prints

Artisanal prints are making a comeback this year as well. So, those elephant print trousers lying at the back of your closet somewhere needs to be brought in the limelight (aka at the front of your wardrobe). This also means that rope belts and safari hats will be among the favorite accessories of many as well. The summer holiday look’s already sorted for many, isn’t it? You can also expect to see batik fabrics in stores. The summers are gonna be pretty ‘print-y’ this year.

Menswear for Women

Women have always had this advantage of being able to rock menswear (at times better than men themselves). From tailored silhouettes to over-sized proportions, menswear will continue to make the women look oh so elegant. Designers seem to finally reach a mutual agreement on the fact that suits are not just a workplace thing. You can always wear it to a red carpet or on a friends’ night out. You can even wear them to a wedding and rock the look like Cara Delevingne. So, yeah there are many ways you can play around with the suits. 

Emerging Fashion Trends for 2019

Apart from this, you can also expect to see some ugly colors in the aisles when you go shopping next time. Because this year designers are all in the favor of ditching black for more vibrant and unusual colors. Moreover, ugly sunglasses and jewelry will be a thing as well.  That’s gonna be too much ugly things in one year.


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