How to monitor employee PC without going too far?

Business organizations these days are equipped with technological devices. Employers provide their employees state of the art desktop and laptop PCs. In return, employers want productivity from the employees in order to generate more and more revenue from their business. On the other hand, employees don’t consider themselves machines that spend working hours to be productive. Most of the employees waste time within the working hours and do work within the few.

How to monitor employee PC without going too far?

Ultimately, employers always seem offended and want to keep an eye on their employee’s activities within the working hours. Now the point is! How it is possible for employers to monitor employees PC without going too far. I mean it is possible to spy on Employees Company’s owned desktop and laptop computer activities without breaching privacy.

Yes, it depends upon the bosses that on what activities they are want to keep an eye on. Obviously, without the use of technology employers cannot monitor their employee’s activities within the working hours. So, you can track employee’s windows and MAC devices with PC monitoring software without going too far.


Install Computer Monitoring App

Employers can track their employee’s activities within the working hours without breaching their privacy. The very first step you need to take is to visit the official website of the computer monitoring software. Moreover, subscribe for the windows and MAC spy app back and forth in case you want to monitor a company’s owned devices running with these two operating systems. Further, you have to have the physical access on the target device. 

How to monitor employee PC without going too far?

Now get started with the installation process on the target device either on windows or MAC with accordance of the operating system. Once you have done the installation process successfully. Then you need to activate the MAC and windows monitoring software. When the end user is dealing with the activation, he/she will see a pop –up on the screen. 

It will enable a user to make the computer monitoring software sneaky. However, the user can skip the pop –up and can use the computer surveillance tool. Use the credentials and get access to the online control panel of the PC monitoring app tools. Let’s describe features of the spy app for Mac and window. 

Windows spy software


Block websites

Employers can block websites of the employees on which they waste time within the working hours without breaching their personal activities. You can copy the URLs and paste into the filters. 

User –friendly reports

The user can get the user –friendly reports of all the activities happen on the target device in accordance with the work. The end user can get access to the logs of visited websites, apps, activity logs, sent/received emails and alarms logs. 

Mighty alarms

Set alarms on all the activities, in particular, you want to assess employee’s productivity. You will get the alerts of the activities in real –time. 

On-Demand screenshots

The user can remotely capture screenshots of the employee’s activities whenever needed. The user can send the multiple commands of the screenshots at once and get detailed information about the activities. 

Real-Time Monitoring

The user can get access to activities of the employees in real –time without going too far such as to breach employee’s personal activities on social media and others alike. 

Invisible Mode of tracking

The user can spy on employee’s activities within the working hours on the windows computer in a sneaky and get to what they are up to on?

MAC monitoring app features


Block websites

You can block all the websites on your target MAC laptop and desktop devices that you don’t approve for employees within the working hours. You can stop your employee to waste time on entertaining websites. You just need to put the URLs into the filters. 

Camera Bug

You can remotely get access to target device camera and get to know who is up to the device. 


You can remotely control the MIC of the MAC laptop device and can record and listen to the surround conversations

Screen recording

You can make short videos of the screen when the user is up to the target laptop or desktop MAC computer. At the end of the day, you can see the recorded videos of the screen and stay updated.



Bosses can use windows and MAC tracking app and can monitor Employees PCs within no time without going too far.

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