How to select jewelry for any occasion

Whether it's an aperitif with friends or a tag dinner, the right jewelry can be the perfect finishing touch for any outfit. The jewelry we wear can be extremely personal; He bought them for someone dear to us, they make us remember happy moments, or we just take them to feel special. So, regardless of where you go, make sure you find some gems that make you feel great. Our jewelry experts from Midwest Jewellery have developed this guide to help you choose the best jewelry accessories for any occasion.

 How to select jewelry for any occasion

Casual clothing In an informal atmosphere, such as a breakfast-dinner, catching up with friends or enjoying the weekend, choose jewelry that makes you feel happy, comfortable and that you are yourself. Try something fun and colorful, like a necklace with a pendant or you can choose a personal touch as your birthstone. Of course, as we approach the winter months, when it's time to wrap ourselves in a coat and layers of clothing, you can still shine with jewelry when you're out ... a brooch is a nice touch and can be worn on a scarf or in a jacket.

 How to select jewelry for any occasion

Work Different workplaces have different standards, but normally, when working, it is best to wear simple and discreet jewelry. Avoid anything big and bulky, or that may bother you to work. But this does not mean that you have to forget about style! Why not opt ​​for something elegant and sophisticated like gold or silver? Or you can add a little color to your set with something stylish and classy, ​​like modernist or art deco jewelry. Do not forget that a watch is not only practical; it can also be an attractive element.

Fiestas it’s weekend: it's time to relax and you're at a great party or an evening event. It is definitely the perfect occasion to wear your most outstanding jewelry. Try some eye-catching diamond earrings, a bold cocktail ring , or sensational necklace . If it's bright and beautiful, it's perfect for partying! A party is a great setting to show off your best jewelry, so why not choose designer jewelry from a renowned brand? Anyone who makes you feel great!

Formal occasions if you go to a dinner, gala or an official event, you have to choose classic, timeless and simple jewelry. The pearls are a great idea, and combined with any color and style set. To make people really turn around, choose a matching set of earrings, necklace and pearl bracelet. Another good idea for a formal occasion is the old jewels; They have history, they have class and they will undoubtedly have a lot to talk about when you move among the people. 

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