Every now and then we have to move. And we always try to find a stress free movement. Lets see some tips on how to move without stress. Moving house is not only stress but also anxiety. Today we will see how to make moving less stressful.


Plan ahead

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Do not wait for last minute rush since you would be bound to forget important details. Contact your long-distance movers ahead of time, like three months before your departure to ensure you book their services.  If you are moving internationally, you need to get all your legal documents in place so that you do not face problems across borders. Hire the services of movers you can trust since you may not be travelling with your goods together.

Research moving companies

Research long distance relocating companies whose services you could use through internet research, social media, and recommendations from close friends and relatives. Go for long distance movers whose authenticity you do not doubt and have good references. Compare long distance moving quotes and choose what you can afford.

Insurance is paramount

The longer the move, the higher the chances of something going wrong. Even as you anticipate a safe move, be prepared for the worst.

Tax-deductible moving expenses

If you are moving for work, some moving costs are deductible from tax. When filing your taxes in spring, remember to deduct your moving expenses and save yourself some money.

Know your rights

Ensure you get to know your responsibilities and the mover’s responsibilities as stated in the Rights and Responsibility booklet of The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Get in-house estimates

It is necessary that your long-distance mover sends a representative to your house to do a visual survey of the things you are moving and provide you with cost estimates. This helps ensure that you are not dealing with a broker, but established long distance movers with a physical address and a moving truck. It also ensures that your long-distance mover will not change moving quotes once they load your things onto the truck.

Pack in advance

You do not want to forget moving some things that matter to you simply because you waited for too long before you embarked on parking and time cut you short. Pack with safety in mind since the goods may have to endure loading and offloading if the journey is too long and the truck has to make several stops and also you should take care your kids school backpacks.

Do not pack perishable goods

Foods, flowers, liquids and other perishable goods should not go into the packing boxes since they may not be usable by the time, you’ll get your goods.

Downsize your luggage

Long distance moving quotes depend on the size of luggage.  Since you do not want to spend on what is avoidable and things that you won’t need in your new home, ensure you pack only what is important.

Label your boxes

Some moving companies like American Twin Movers Philadelphia offer packing services. However, if you are a DIY type of person, ensure you label all your boxes, list the contents of each box and where they should be placed in your new house. This will save you time and spare you from stress when trying to locate something like your TV Remote Control.

Consider furniture placement locations

Be sure to specify which furniture goes where in your new home and leave huge furniture that won’t fit. This makes the movers’ job easier. You can auction, give to charity or bless your friends and relatives with what you won’t be moving.

Move in the off-season

Long distance movers tend to charge high long-distance moving quotes in summer than in the fall, spring and winter when business is low. If your moving schedule is flexible, adjust so that you relocate in the off-season.

Get acquainted with your new home

It is important that you get to do a reconnaissance as you need to give clear address to the movers and you also do not want to feel out of place when you get there. Moving is supposed to be fun, not a punishment.

If you find the right long-distance relocation company like American Twin Movers, then be sure to reach your new home with your goods intact.

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