The Core Drawing Basics for Creating an Animal Illustration

The use of illustrations is not a recent one instead this art style has been around for decades. It has just happened recently that illustrations are now being rendered and created digitally. Back then, there was no concept of digital tools or software but the process of illustration creation has been extremely simplified now.

The use of animal characters in an illustration is not a design trend itself but these characters are the utmost selection if you want to convey any form of visual symbolism. That is the sole reason why individuals and brands alike have been looking for animal illustrators for hire for the task of logo design, illustration creation, and branding. Here are the tips for making an animal illustration that sticks out: 

The Core Drawing Basics for Creating an Animal Illustration

Anatomy and structure

It is self-explanatory that there is a visible difference between the anatomy of animals and humans. However, you have to be extremely careful about the anatomical structure of a human’s body as compared to animals. You can opt for a fictional design approach for an animal illustration but that does not imply that your character would become unrecognizable from the real thing. Most animals have a similar structure, expressions, and features so the pro for designing them is that you can grasp the design style easily.

Give importance to practice

Every form of art, whether it is an illustration or an animation, requires the need to practice. If you believe that you would be able to create a masterpiece in the first attempt then you are mistaken. The process of learning and improving never ceases so you have to be updated about different styles, design concepts, and trends in the illustration industry. However, character designing or portrait illustration has several attributes and intricacies involved that is why you need to analyze the work of great illustrators out there and get inspiration from them while you practice by making it a core part of your learning curve.

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Make it expressive and humane

If you were drawing either, a bear of a lion, the first thing that you would select would be its shape and structure but the expressions of the animal's character hold the same importance too. The purpose of an illustration is to enliven a flair of emotion and association despite the art style of your drawing. Animals have always been used in symbolizing human interactions, gestures, and actions and that is what your animal illustration needs to convey as well. Pay attention to making the expressions and facial features of the characters more human and in turn, a feeling of emotional correlation will be established.

Choose the correct shape style

The visual foundation of an animal illustration is the right selection of shape style and design. However, how would you know what shapes fit for a certain animal and which one does not? This can be analyzed by research and practice. If you were drawing a bear then your creative abilities would suggest you opt for a round or curved line art and a circular shape. Since bears tend to be drawn as cute characters, you would be to stick to a soft and delicate shape style for adding appeal.

Color palette and combination

You have the freedom to test out different art styles and color combinations in illustration design but they need to be relevant to the message or story you are portraying. However, the color itself in illustrations need not be overused. Many professional illustrators tend to focus on the line art more and add color where they deem necessary. Color is used to enhance the elements you want the viewer to focus on the most so use a minimal color palette for it.

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