Top 7 Gadgets To Look Out For In 2019

The CES is held every year in January. Formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, it’s one of the biggest tech expos of the year. Each year, a variety of gadgets are presented by electronics manufacturers. These could range from Wi-Fi extenders to get the most out of your Comcast Double Play Deals to full-blown robots. This year’s CSE did not fail to disappoint in terms of innovation either. 

Top 7 Gadgets To Look Out For In 2019

Top 7 gadgets we might see in 2019

The CES is a great platform to learn about where the tech world is headed. However, it is not a line set in stone. There’s no guarantee that the gadgets that debut here will become a reality in the near future. But the CES is still great for concepts and prototypes. These give us a very good idea of how manufacturers like Lenovo or Samsung are spending their R’n’D budgets. Here are our top seven picks for gadgets we may see in action in 2019:

  • Samsung’s “The Wall”
  • Vuzix Blade AR Glasses
  • Honda 3E Concepts
  • Lenovo Smart Display
  • L’Oreal UV Sense
  • Movi Phone  
  • Ubtech Walker

Here’s what these gadgets are all about.


Samsung’s “The Wall”

This new 146-inch television is more than just a huge, high-definition TV. The Wall reflects Samsung’s versatility philosophy. With The Wall, the manufacturer demonstrates what it calls a modular TV. The company says that users of The Wall will be able to control the size of the active display. The full surface area of The Wall can serve multiple purposes. For example, you can use it to display a smaller TV display in the center. Simultaneously the rest of The Wall can be set to appear as an actual wall. Given Samsung’s expertise in MicroLED technologies, the image should be extremely crisp.

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Vuzix Blade AR Glasses

Amazon’s Alexa is getting support from almost every smart device. In a future that envisions a smart home with AI assistants, smart products are beginning to embrace it. Enter the Vizux Blade AR Glasses that support Alexa. Meaning Alexa can project information and images in Augmented Reality on these glasses. The Vizix Blade appears to be a sleeker and better version of the Google Glass. The display is directly in the user’s field of view and the display itself is very crisp. Could we even see an Augmented Reality version of everyone’s favorite digital butler? Only time will tell.

Honda 3E Concepts

Robots were in no shortage at CES this year, and Honda’s stood out particularly. The automobile manufacturer unveiled several concept robots developed under the 3E philosophy. Empower, Experience and Empathy are the driving pillars behind these robotic concepts. The 3E robotics feature a number of robots designed to be both functional and cute. One is an “empathy” robot, which is exploring the concept of robots providing compassion. It changes its expression and displays colors based on its surroundings, powered by AI. Another is essentially a robotic chair, to help people get around without effort. This could be very useful to people with disabilities. Yet another concept resembles an ATV and has cargo space for transporting stuff. All of the 3E robotic concepts open up interesting new possibilities.

Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo is bent on giving Amazon a run for its money. Have a look at Lenovo’s version of Google’s Home Assistant. The sleek display and design make it a potential rival to Amazon Echo. It is essentially a voice-activated, touch-screen computer that has a number of advantages over Echo. It can play YouTube videos. It also has a much sleeker look and feel than Echo. And finally, it has a larger display than Echo. This is certainly one piece of tech I’ll be rushing to buy when it becomes available.

L’Oreal UV Sense

L’Oreal is giving a new meaning to the term “wearable technology”. The company unveiled its UV Sense device that really stood out. Essentially, it is a tiny sensor you can attach to a fingernail. It uses built-in sensors to measure your exposure to UV light. This tiny gadget can store up to 3 months of readings. And it comes with an app that lets you know your UV exposure. The app also suggests tips to reduce or increase your sun time.

Movi Phone  

Watching stuff on your mobile phone is well and good. But what if you want to watch on a bigger screen and there’s no TV available? This is exactly where Movi Phone comes in. Tired of watching movies and TV shows on a handheld screen? No problem! The Android-powered smartphone has an amazing built-in projector. Watch your favorite content in a decent 720p resolution on any surface you want.

Ubtech Walker

Honda’s 3E robotic concepts were prominent for sure. But don’t let them make you overlook Ubtech Walker. The bipedal robot is an amazing, futuristic security system for your home. The Walker comes prepared to meet all your home security needs with its interesting functions. It can constantly patrol a perimeter you indicate. It has excellent motion detection capabilities. The Walker can even use its integrated camera to record everything. The manufacturer hasn’t confirmed a price or availability date yet. But the Walker is bound to be a better investment than most Xfinity Triple Play packages.

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