5 Methods to Stay Safe from Phishing Attacks

Experts from Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) recently released a report revealing a massive rise in a number of phishing attacks around the world. It is observed to be the most commonissue for growing organisation and individuals. Every individual who uses internet needs to be aware of these attacks and it is important to make efforts to stay safe from them. Well, before we get deeper into methods to avoid phishing attacks, it is important to understand what they are. In simple terms, phishing attacks are described as a kind of identity theft scenarios where cybercriminals try to access sensitive and personal information through unauthorised activities.

5 Methods to Stay Safe from Phishing Attacks

Below we have highlighted five methods recommended by IT support services professionals to stay safe from phishing attacks:

Be sensible about your actions:

It is possible to eliminate the chances of phishing attacks if you act smart and sensible while browsing online. As most of the phishing attacks are carried outin the form of email attachments, it is advised to be cautious before clicking on unknown links in your inbox. An email must be opened only when the user is pretty sure about its source and after finding it authentic. Try to be more careful about the emails that ask for some confidential information such as banking details or personal information. Note that, legitimate organisations never ask you topersonaldetails via email, hence it is important to avoid such emails as they can be phishing attacks.

Treat shortened links with extra care:

In order to stay safe from phishing attacks, it is important to pay attention to the shortened links on social media channels. Experienced cybercriminals use these specially designed links to direct users to fake websites. The authenticity of these links can be verifiedby hovering the cursor over the link in your email. You then need to check if the link that appears while moving the mouse cursor over the link and the one that appears in the email text are the same or not. Criminals in the cyber world use some fake links to steal personal information from your device and you can easily become a victim of malware attacks.

Ignore suspicious emails:

Most of the phishing emails seem fairly obvious; they are usually loaded with wrong punctuations, capital words, typing errors and unwanted exclamation marks. You may also observe some impersonal greetings in these emails; it can be the Dear Madam/Sir or Dear Customer. Cybercriminals often end up making lots of mistakes in the general content of these emails; sometimes, these actions are taken intentionally to pass the spam filters. Experts at Totality services, who are an award winning IT support in London, advise recipients to be more careful about opening such suspicious emails.

Look out for urgent deadlines and threats:

In general, there are very rare cases when some bigandlegitimate company ask its customers to take some actions with fixed deadlines. In most of the cases, such terminologies are used by hackers and is a common sign of phishing. In order to stay safe from such cyber-attacks, it is important to completelyignore such emails. If you find something that requires urgent action, it is better to contact the relevant company before taking any further action. In most of these cases, it is likely that hackers are trying to portray themselves as legitimate service providers to steal data from your system.

Follow safe browsing tactics on the internet:

When you are browsing the web, it is always good to pay attention to the security of your connection. In general, secure websites on the internet are identifiable by the https:// code at the beginning of the website addressandthe security lock icon which is visible next to the address bar on most of web browsers. It is important to check such security parameters while submitting some sensitive information related to bank accounts, credit or debit cards online. In addition, avoid connectingto public internet or unsecured Wi-Fi as they are not secure and increases the risk of cyber-attacks.


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