Cloud computing is causing major changes for startups and also for small and medium businesses, as it opens the opportunity to compete with large companies on equal terms. However, not all entrepreneurs know what it is or know the scope of the solutions that exist in the market to take advantage of it. 
Advantages of Cloud Computing For Your Business

In very simple terms, cloud computing services are those that are provided through a remote network - outside of the devices that are within the facilities. That is, you can have access to infrastructure, software and development platforms that can "live" in the digital world, without having to be installed on our computers. In addition, many of them can be paid low consumption.

Today it is said that the cloud is the key tool for innovation. Here, some reasons why businesses should consider uploading to the cloud.

1. Reduce costs: the most common payment model in cloud services is “pay as you go”, which means paying only for what is consumed. One of the most obvious benefits of this model is that it allows significant savings. The cloud maximizes resources, allowing companies to do more with less.

2. Improves efficiency: it puts in the hands of startups, small and medium enterprises, which usually have limited resources, cutting-edge technologies that can make a difference in the optimization of internal processes. This results in a better customer experience.

3. Increase flexibility: thanks to the cloud, technology can be adapted to the needs of the business, growing and adjusting according to demand. For example, if there is a special project, there is no need to acquire technology that will not be used later. You can access different work-related files from different devices, anywhere in the world, at any time you want. The world becomes truly mobile.

4. It offers a more complete integration: the cloud allows to have specialized provider services that respond to the specific needs of each business. Not only that: it allows the different areas of a company, from Human Resources to operations, to collaborate in a general system. Automating and integrating processes increases the possibility of business success, no matter how small. Cloud computing also helps businesses not worry about managing the different gadgets also business not need to ready the different buyers guides to buy computer or different hard disks.

Today, there are many companies that offer services of this type. They are known as cloud service providers. However, the cloud service portfolio is so broad that not all solutions are made for business. That is why it is important to do a detailed investigation of the provider before making a decision. Make sure that the provider of these services offers automation and control tools that adapt to the needs of your business.

Of all the suppliers it is worth noting IBM, the only provider in the market that has solutions for all types of business.

These are just some of them:
Soft Layer: infrastructure for you to pay only what you need. With a couple of clicks you can have at your disposal, in a few hours, a server - shared or dedicated - with full control over the capabilities, where it is located. It even allows to know the serial number.

IBM Mobile First: Develop a mobile business strategy - development and management - that allows you to take the customer experience to another level.

IBM Blue mix: If you're interested in creating, deploying or managing applications, Blue mix is ​​for you. Based on an open cloud architecture, it offers you more than 250 services, from security, Internet of Things and even cognitive computing (IBM Watson) to develop disruptive applications.

IBM Urban Code: Do you need to automate the sending and deployment of applications across different environments? Urban Code will allow you to do it quickly and easily.

Software as a Service: a broad portfolio of software for all areas and industries in a scheme as a service. It offers access to robust solutions and cutting-edge technology that before difficult access for a small or medium business.

Do you want to know more about the cloud solutions that can take your startup, small or medium business to the next level? Enter the IBM website.

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