Cinnamon Healing Properties That You Must Know

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Cinnamon is a spice that has been actively used in medicine and cooking for many centuries. Today it is actively used by many peoples of the world, as it has many useful properties, as well as a pleasant, sweet taste and ease of use. According to the researchers, cinnamon ranks first among twenty-six different herbs and medicinal spices for its antioxidant qualities.

The special aroma and color of cinnamon is associated with its growth. The researchers concluded that the benefits of cinnamon bark persist in any form, be it essential oil, extract, or powder. All these substances contain phenolic compounds, antioxidants, and flavonoids. It is thanks to them that cinnamon is one of the healthiest spices in the world.

Cinnamon healing properties

General benefits

A real source of antioxidants

Cinnamon contains a large number of protective antioxidants that slow down the aging process by reducing damage from free radicals. Scientists have found forty-one beneficial compounds in cinnamon. According to the ORAC scale, which is used to measure the level of antioxidants in a product, cinnamon is ranked 7th in the list of all foods and herbs in the world.

And according to studies on antioxidant activity, this spice among 26 different spices is in the first position and bypasses such well-known substances as rosemary, oregano, garlic, thyme and others. The presented product belongs to the number of antioxidants, which are called polyphenols, including flavonoids and phenolic acid. These compounds fight oxidation and stress in the body, which can subsequently lead to serious illness, especially in old age.

All kinds of antioxidants present in cinnamon help to eliminate many ailments, as they actively scavenge free radicals. The benefits of cinnamon also lie in the ability to reduce various forms of oxidative stress, including the ability to prevent the accumulation of nitric oxide in the blood, which will help avoid peroxidation, which in turn causes brain disease, tumors, heart disease and other pathologies.

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It has an anti-inflammatory effect

The antioxidants present in the composition of the spice have anti-inflammatory properties, due to which its regular use will reduce the likelihood of the formation of heart and vascular diseases, the appearance of oncology, a decrease in brain function and other disorders. In the course of research, over seven types of flavonoids have been identified in this ingredient, which are extremely effective in combating all kinds of inflammation throughout the body.

Cinnamon’s ability to reduce swelling and inflammation can be very helpful in relieving pain. Studies have shown that this spice reduces muscle soreness, PMS pain, alleviates allergies, and also helps with other types of pain.

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Prevents heart disease

In the course of research, another advantage of this substance was revealed, namely, that cinnamon reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, including lowering cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure and triglyceride levels.

The special compounds present in cinnamon help to significantly reduce the levels of dangerous cholesterol and triglycerides, while the necessary cholesterol remains in the norm. It has also been shown to lower blood pressure, which in most cases is the cause of heart disease.

However, these are far from all the health benefits of this delicious spice. Research suggests that this supplement is a beneficial blood coagulant that stops bleeding while helping the body. Cinnamon also has a positive effect on blood circulation and improves the body’s ability to recover from damage. It has a positive effect on the tissues of the heart organ, which is most in need of repair, and helps prevent heart attacks and heart disease.

Effective in the fight against diabetes

As you know, cinnamon has the ability to produce anti-diabetic effects. Its main action is the ability to increase the sensitivity to insulin, which is an extremely important hormone necessary for balanced blood sugar levels.

Diabetes is a dangerous disease that results from the body’s inability to produce enough insulin, and also because of the uncontrolled consumption of foods containing large amounts of sugar, which subsequently enters the bloodstream. The problem of insulin resistance is also caused by conditions such as weight gain or metabolic syndrome. Cinnamon plays an important role in blocking the enzymes – alanines – that prevent glucose from entering the bloodstream.

Therefore, its use is indicated after eating food and foods high in sugar. So, the spice retains glucose, preventing it from entering the bloodstream, which is especially important for diabetics. As a result of this product benefit, which is also supported by relevant studies, people with type 2 diabetes who take cinnamon may experience the positive effects of cinnamon and improve their overall well-being.

Protects brain function and cognitive health

Another benefit of cinnamon, according to research, is its ability to protect the brain from all sorts of neurological disorders, which also include Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Cognitive function and brain health are protected by activating neuroprotective proteins that prevent cell mutation and damage.

All this also helps to reduce the negative effects of oxidative stress by stopping cells from self-destruction. Since cinnamon contains a large amount of antioxidants and various compounds that act against inflammation, it is able to slow down the aging process of the body and the brain. In the future, this property of cinnamon is used for the purpose of natural therapeutic treatment, as well as the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases caused by age.

Cinnamon Healing Properties

Effectively reduces the likelihood of cancer

Due to the antioxidant properties of cinnamon, consuming it regularly will help protect the body from DNA damage, cell mutation, and tumor formation and growth. Studies have shown that cinnamon contains compounds that can inhibit tumor growth and protect DNA from damage, as well as provoke the self-destruction of cancer cells. This effect is most pronounced in the large intestine.

The spice improves colon health, reducing the likelihood of cancer, the researchers say. There is research currently underway that considers cinnamon as an anti-cancer agent as it has powerful antioxidant properties. The spice is recommended for those who are most prone to cancer.

Effectively fights infections and viruses

When it comes to protecting the body, cinnamon immediately comes to mind. It is a natural antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral agent. Essential oils of cinnamon contain immunostimulating ingredients. It is also used in many cultures to help eliminate infections and viruses quickly and effectively. Cinnamon oil also has a protective function and the ability to fight bacteria that cause consequences and disturbances in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, on the skin and lead to SARS.

Refreshes breath and improves tooth protection

The extracts that are present in cinnamon reliably protect against bacteria living in the oral cavity. Bacteria can lead to bad odor, tooth decay, and other diseases of the mouth. Cinnamon essential oil is more powerful than extracts from other plants, which is why it is recommended to use it as a mouthwash to fight bacteria in the mouth.

One of the benefits of this product is its ability to freshen the breath, which is why it is often used as a flavoring in the creation of chewing gum. Also, cinnamon is used as a tooth powder, which not only helps to cleanse the mouth and eliminate problems, but also helps to cure toothache. Cinnamon essential oil is also used in many cosmetics such as shampoos, perfumes and others to create a product that has incredible benefits and the ability to fight various types of infection.

Can be used to treat candidiasis

Many studies have found that cinnamon, with its potent antifungal properties, can be used to effectively treat candidiasis in the gastrointestinal tract. This substance helps to reduce the amount of dangerous yeast fungus. The fungus is actively developing, which leads to severe digestive and autoimmune disorders.

At the same time, another advantage of cinnamon is that this substance allows you to regulate the level of sugar in the blood and gastrointestinal tract, which rises in connection with candidiasis. According to researchers, regular consumption of this spice, even in small doses, can reduce the number of yeasts and relieve symptoms. Cinnamon helps fight fungus by boosting immunity.

Helps eliminate allergies

Studies show that people with persistent allergies can find relief in cinnamon. Thanks to its unique composition, the spice has a positive effect on the condition of allergy sufferers, stopping the most dangerous and unpleasant symptoms. It reduces inflammation and relieves exacerbation.

Lowers cholesterol levels

According to the data obtained in the study, the normal dose of cinnamon is 120 mg to 6 grams. This dosage can help lower bad cholesterol levels without affecting the amount of good cholesterol. With regular use of the spice, you can make sure that the level of “bad” cholesterol has really decreased, and your health has improved. This is one of the most important reasons why it is worth adding a little cinnamon to your tea every day. It is enough to take it just one teaspoon per day, and you will feel much better.

Effective in the treatment of influenza and acute respiratory infections

Cinnamon is a highly beneficial and compound-rich substance used in the treatment of influenza. When added to tea, it has an excellent immune-stimulating effect. To achieve quick results, you can combine it with honey and use it twice a day.

Prevents arthritis

A disease such as arthritis causes swelling and pain in the joints. Using cinnamon can help relieve these symptoms. To do this, dilute two tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon in a glass of warm water. This “cocktail” should be drunk twice a day – this is guaranteed to help alleviate arthritis.

Prevents neurodegenerative diseases

Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties, eliminating chronic inflammation, it resists diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, sclerosis, which are possible against its background.

Prevents gastric disorders and IBS syndrome

Antioxidant-rich cinnamon normalizes the digestive process and prevents intestinal irritation known as IBS. Cinnamon also reduces the likelihood of constipation, gas, bloating, and other disorders associated with low gastric acid secretion. Cinnamon tea is especially useful if the diet contains “heavy” foods. Also, studies have shown that cinnamon disinfects E. coli that gets into food.

Promotes the health of the colon

The cinnamaldehyde present in the spice inhibits colon cancer cells. The substance eliminates inflammatory processes, removes risk factors and strengthens local immunity, preventing serious intestinal diseases.

Activates blood circulation

Healthy blood circulation is the key to overall health. It is this factor that affects all systems and processes of the body. For example, poor circulation contributes to varicose veins, joint pain, difficulty in defecation, and many other problems. But healthy and active circulation not only prevents these problems, but has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, hair and the functioning of internal organs.

Fights insomnia

Insomnia has a negative effect on the entire body. During sleep, our body rests, all internal processes slow down. If sleep and rest begin to be lacking, the body will malfunction. A blow can occur on all fronts, including the digestive system, heart, and brain activity. In order not to deplete the body and improve sleep patterns, experts recommend drinking warm milk with cinnamon. This natural remedy for insomnia can even be given to babies. After drinking this aromatic and soothing drink in the evening, you will sleep soundly and deeply.

Makes breath fresh

Cinnamon is a natural breath freshener, it kills bacteria that cause unpleasant odors in the mouth and makes breathing fresh and pleasant. To do this, you can use warm water with cinnamon to rinse your mouth or chew a cinnamon stick.

Benefits for women

Improves the condition during menstruation

Regular consumption of cinnamon tea will relieve pain during severe menstruation, increase the tone of the body during menstruation, reduce the manifestations of PMS, normalize the cycle and increase libido.

Reduces the likelihood of infertility

The substance that cinnamon contains, cinnamon aldehyde, helps to increase the level of progesterone and decrease testosterone, the male hormone in women. Thus, the substance balances hormones, reducing the risk of female infertility.

Benefits for men

Improves men’s health

Cinnamon promotes increased testosterone production, which directly affects a man’s erectile function. Also, cinnamon is an aphrodisiac that tones, increases libido and sexual performance. In addition, it is a prophylactic agent against prostatitis, and in case of illness, facilitates its treatment.

Benefits for the skin

We have written a detailed article on cinnamon skin benefits. Please check that out:

Benefits for hair

Strengthens and revitalizes hair

By mixing cinnamon with shampoo, you can enhance the beneficial properties of a cosmetic product. Cinnamon helps to enhance hair growth, stimulating the follicles and activating blood circulation, strengthens the hair follicles, thereby preventing hair loss, and normalizes the condition of the scalp. Cinnamon will also give your hair a light spicy scent.

Promotes scalp health

Cinnamon has a beneficial effect on the scalp, it eliminates dryness, relieves tightness, eliminates itching and fights dandruff. Half a cup of warm olive oil, one tablespoon of honey, and a spoonful of cinnamon powder are a great base to nourish and cleanse your scalp. Having massaged the scalp with such a composition, you can not only get rid of dandruff, but also uncork the pores, ensure the flow of blood and oxygen to the hair follicles.

Brightens hair

For opponents of hair dyes due to their chemistry, cinnamon is a great natural dye. Despite its chocolate hue, cinnamon has a lightening property. It is enough to mix cinnamon and hair conditioner and apply evenly on the strands. To enhance the effect, cover your head with a special cap or bag. The composition can be kept on the head for a convenient time, but it is more effective to leave the mask overnight. As a result, the hair will acquire a pleasant light shade.

Harm and contraindications

Whatever benefit the product brings, most often it still has some side effects and contraindications. In this case, their list is minimal. The main thing is not to exceed the norm and not to overdo it, taking cinnamon inside. Cinnamon is not capable of causing allergic reactions and side effects. However, the product has contraindications.

Interaction with medicines

Care should be taken with cinnamon during drug treatment. During this period, it is better to refrain from using it or consult your doctor.

During pregnancy and lactation

It is not recommended to use cinnamon for young mothers during lactation and pregnant women. Excessive consumption of cinnamon by pregnant women can cause premature birth.

Other contraindications

It is not recommended to use cinnamon for those who suffer from liver diseases or undergo postoperative rehabilitation, for people with gastrointestinal diseases. In other cases, it is sufficient to adhere to the dosages indicated on the product.

High cellulose content

Cinnamon contains a high concentration of cellulose. Because of this, some people may develop gas.


Let’s wrap up the discussion for today. I hope now you have a clear idea on the healing properties of cinnamon. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section. If you like the article, please share it on social media.

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