Goods and Bads of Lemon 

Lemon is one of the most acidic fruits, and has very acidic taste, so it is usually used to add sour taste, or in the preparation of natural juices, essential oils, plant compounds, vitamin C and others. Vitamins and minerals, among its contents, and has many benefits such as reducing the risk of kidney stones, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Goods and Bads of Lemon

Benefits and Demerits of Lemon

Benefits of Lemon

Lemon contains many nutrients which provide health benefits to the body.

Lemon Keeps Us Healthy:

Vitamin C is almost half of a single lemon. Studies have shown that eating this fruit, rich in vitamins, can reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. Plants’ compounds can also reduce the risk of heart disease. On the other hand, a study has shown that its compounds help in reducing heparidine and diosomin cholesterol levels, and according to another study, fiber found in acid fruits can lead to the same result.

Lemon Reduces the Risk of Kidney Stones:

Citric acid in the lemon helps increase the amount of urine and reduce acidity, which reduces the formation of stones. And in a study on people who are already infected with kidney stones, it was found that drinking lemonade can reduce the chances of formation of stones in kidney.

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Reduce the Risk of Anaemia:

Lemon juice helps to increase the absorption of non-hemic iron found in sources of plants, which cannot be absorbed by the body because effective absorption of iron such as meat and chicken Available in animal sources, because it contains vitamin C and citric acid, which improves iron absorption from food.

Lemon Keeps the Digestive System Sound:

Lemon contains milk-soluble fiber, such as milk, which reduces the speed of digestion of carbohydrate and sugars; Which can contribute to reducing the level of sugar in the blood, and not only to lemon juice should be used to achieve these benefits, its scabs can also be used for it.

Lemon Reduces the Risk of Cancer:

Some studies have shown that for animals lemon has anti-cancer properties like D-limonene, and in another study, tempecic pulp is used. Of which some were lemon compounds; And beta-cryptoxyanthin, these compounds have contributed to the prevention of the formation of deadly tumors in the tongue, colon and lungs, and some researchers believe that compounds like lemon and Nrengenin (Naringenin) can have anti-cancer effects. Friends, therefore, these results need further study on humans to confirm their effectiveness.

Lemon Helps in Weight Loss:

Lemon is considered one of the foods that help the body get rid of excess weight. This can happen for many possible reasons. First, lemon consumption provides body-soluble fiber such as pectin, which promotes satiety. On the other hand, it has been observed that drinking lemon with warm water can help reduce weight, but in this case water can cause weight loss, not lemon and the third principle suggests that the plant fibers that are found in lemons may have compounds due to which weight loss can occur; Organized on RASAT, the fattening mice of the subject system observed that they gained weight and reduced fat, when they are compounds lemon extracted from polyphenol.

Lemon Reduces the Risk of Asthma:

People who eat high amounts of some nutrients such as Vitamin C, they are less likely to have asthma, but more studies are required to confirm this. In one study, vitamin C can improve the incidence of asthma and bronchial hypersensitivity in cold disease patients.

Lemon Enhances the Power of the Immune System:

To include lemon in good amounts of antioxidants and vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system against the germs that cause influenza or leaching, and vitamin C protects those people. Those who give high intensity of physical activity can increase, it is worth noting that studies have shown. Vitamin C helps reduce the duration of infection, but does not reduce the risk of infection.

Goods and Bads of Lemon

Bad Sides of Lemon

Lemon is safe for most people, but it can have some side effects. It has come to knowledge that if the teeth of animals get damaged, then it affects dental health. It can also be due to skin irritation in people with skin irritation. Drinking lemon juice affects people with mouth ulcers. In addition, people with Gastroesophageal reflux disease recommend avoiding lemon because it can increase symptoms of heartburn and back pain.

Lemon Water or Lemonade is a Great Soft Drink. Do You Know?

To avoid quick and scorching heat, you will be very beneficial to eat plenty of lemonade in the summer. Drinking lemonade is especially beneficial in the morning. Nowadays, increasing air pollution is causing a lot of harm to the body. In this way drinking lemonade will help protect the body from damage caused by smog. If lemonade is called native cold card, then there will be nothing wrong in it. This drink, rich in protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals, gives so many advantages to health and beauty, as you cannot imagine.
Goods and Bads of Lemon

Make Lemonade in this way:

Traditional Lemonade works in the form of panacea in the summer, as well as quenching thirst in summer and in the form of panic in indigestion. To make this, add one lemon, sugar (taste) and black salt in a glass of water.

Benefits of Drinking Lemonade:

  • Drinking lemonade helps the body to get rid of it, and it helps keep Urine slim. Also, this reduces the risk of any kind of kidney stone being formed.
  • Lemon-water is a better option for weight work. It also provides you with the problem of diabetes. Lemonade is a better choice of juice and drinks with high sugar.
  • Lemonade is also a great beverage for reducing stress, blood pressure and stress in the problems of bad throat, constipation, kidney and gums. It is also better for the liver to make the skin healthy.

Damage Done by Drinking Lemon Water:

  • Citrus acid is found in lemon, with more contact in the teeth, teeth become sensitive. If you have to drink lemonade, drink it always with straw.
  • Drinking more lemonade reduces water in the body and the problem of dehydration increases. Before taking regular lemonade, take a doctor’s advice once.
  • Drinking lemonade repeatedly causes urination, which can lead to dehydration in the body. So if you want to drink lemonade, then drink as much water as possible.

Lemon Tea

We all know about Lemon Tea. We all hear about it every now and then. But how many of us know the benefits of it, how to make lemon tea and so on. Let’s have a look at it today.

Goods and Bads of Lemon

How to Make Lemon Tea

Necessary Ingreadients

  • 2 cups water
  • ½ qt lemon
  • Chinese taste
  • 1 tsp tea cup
  • Pinch of black salt

Steps to Make Lemon Tea

  • To make Lemon Tea, you must first put water in a tea-making vessel and keep it warm to the gas.
  • After that, add sugar and tea leaves according to the taste and boil it.
  • When the water boils, then as soon as it stops.
  • After that, filter the water with the help of sieve and take out the water in a separate vessel.
  • After that add lemon and black salt in that water and stir well.
  • Your lemon tea is ready, you can take advantage of it by drinking it hot.

The benefits of drinking lemon tea

  • Lemon tea reduces fat deposited on the stomach. Apart from this, vitamin C found in lemon also extracted toxic substances from the body.
  • The lemon tea gives relief to the wounds only. By drinking it twice a day, it also provides relief in bad neck. Apart from this lemon tea also strengthens the body’s immune system.
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  • Drinking lemon tea keeps the brain fresh and does not cause mental exhaustion. Drinking lemons tea reduces cold, weakness and lethargy too.
  • Lemon tea is also beneficial for patients with diabetes. By drinking lemon tea, the discharge of insulin increases in the body from which sugar is controlled.
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