Nykaa Nail Polish Review- Best Nail Paint

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Whether you are male or female, it is impossible that you have never heard of the name of Nykaa nail polish. It is one of the reliable choices for our female folk. Today this article is aiming at Nykaa nail polish review. If you are in search of the best nail paints then you are in the right place.

Today, Nail color has become one of the most wonderful accessories for girls to rock every day. Even males are not falling behind. I have seen many people searching for the best nail polish for men. Nail paints are getting immense priority right now.

People love to apply nail polish on their nails because it enhances the beauty of their hands. Even every girl definitely use nail paint in her life at once. There are huge numbers of big Indian brands and foreign brands of high quality available in the market to serve them. But, only a few of them fill their expectations. Well, Nykaa is one of the most famous and trustable brands among these. And that is the reason we are here with a review of Nykaa nail polish.

Nykaa nail polish review

It has become so much popular for cosmetics products that every girl wants to buy products of Nykaa. Nykaa Nail polish has become the trend now due to its fine, formulations and awesome quality colors. It keeps releasing new colors in the market according to seasons and market demand.

So, if you are also a huge fan of Nykaa Nail Polish and want Nykaa nail enamel review before purchasing then what are you waiting for now. Stop whatever you are doing and just scroll down this page slowly, read this article completely. We have shared the Nykaa nail polish review with amazing pictures which will definitely help you to understand.  

Top Nykaa nail polishes

Nykaa Floral Carnival Nail Enamel Shade: Dusty azalea:

Girls who love pinkish glow and floral beauty, this nail polish is best suited for them. This nail polish contains an autumn and spring freshness. Though this collection is not the new one, but it has taken place in all girl’s mind as the dusty, light pink color is always favorite to all girls. It will enrich your overall beauty and you will feel like bearing a bouquet of fresh spring flower in your nail tips and it will make you more confident about your beauty. This nail polish has some special features like:

  • It suits in all skin tone.
  • This nail polish contains high reflection formula and gel like perfection and is highly glossy.
  • It has patented two-fold plasticizer that prevents chipping.
  • Has UV filter that prevents yellowing and discoloration.
  • While applying single coat, it shows a smooth, gorgeous and stunning look, in the meantime, while applying double coats, it shows plumping effect.
  • This floral collection is totally FIVE FREE that means contains no harmful chemicals like Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde which are commonly used in other nail polishes, Formaldehyde resin and Camphor which are very dangerous.
  • This nail polish lasts for days and days.

If you want to bring a floral freshness in your nail tips, adorn your nail with a vibrant and fashion-forward color, do hurry to buy this one stroke nail polish.

Nykaa Pretty In Pastel Nail Enamel Shade: Ocean Mist

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