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Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. 

I am an engineer and my passion for technology, English literature, Vocabulary, Mobiles and Computers, Programming, latest advancements in medical science was always high. From my childhood I have always liked to read and learn about these topics. This reading has enlarged my skill in various sectors of knowledge. Now I have taken this initiative to help yourselves so that I can share my knowledge with you. It will be a collaboration between you and me from sharing knowledge.

From this site the readers will be benefited in many ways. From here they will get proper writing skill. Writing skill is very necessary to develop the grammatical knowledge. The topics of the writing are selected according to the demand of the students.

The words section will cover the high frequency words of GRE, IELTS, UPSC exam etc.
The short description portion of the blog will cover some important paragraphs and compositions for the young students.

Here I will try to cover recent topics which are important in the global arena.

Various important topics in the technological arena will also be covered here.

All the contents will be regularly updated according to the comment of the students. 

This site is targeted to students and teachers. Anyone who is interested in English will be highly helped by the blog. Many high quality articles are there which can enrich readers reading skill as well as vocabulary. 

Any student who is thinking about GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT etc. will be highly benefited by the words section. 

For more information any reader can contact me thorough the contact me section. I would be very happy if you subscribe this blog. 

Thank you!!!  

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