3 Important Reasons to SKIP Breakfast

So today we are going to talk about the three reasons why you should skip breakfast. Now a lot of you reading are already skipping your breakfast so this article is not for you.

It’s for those people that are new to my blog and are hearing the opposing viewpoint. Where you need to consume a good breakfast and I personally used to promote that before I realize that’s not the best thing to do.

3 Important Reasons to SKIP Breakfast

But I had a serious blood sugar issue. I had hypoglycemia and of course when you eat you feel better. So then I have this realization that works so well for me that I’m going to recommend it and even for my clients.

However  here’s the problem when you eat; you stimulate insulin.

Okay, and Insulin creates a lot of issues not just with slowing your metabolism over time but it sets you up for a another blood sugar problem.

So intermittent fasting is very very very important.

Please love your metabolism!!

The first point I want to bring up is if you eat breakfast you’re going to stimulate your metabolism.

Okay you’re going to increase your enzymes and all these different activities well what you’re really doing is like I said before you’re increasing insulin.

Insulin actually slows your metabolism it stops your fat burning. So number one eating a breakfast actually will not increase your metabolism, it slows your metabolism.
3 Important Reasons to SKIP Breakfast

Let’s clean the trash!!

Number two you’re breaking the fast. All night long you’re in a fasting state. You’re burning fat. Your brain is being fed ketones hopefully and then you eat and you break the fast. So you raise Insulin.

Now you nullify the benefits of fasting. You’re going to kind of nullify the top of benefits of autophagy. That is the recycling action of your cells, so your cells are cleaning all that junk out of them and I’m talking about you know especially out of your brain.

So all the waste that’s accumulating all the added damaged proteins are being cleaned up. So this is a part of the repair cycle of your body.  

Actually you stop preparing the body when you eat because the body is focusing on digestion especially in your digestive tract. If you’re constantly eating you never have a chance to repair that. So we nullify a autophagy. we stopped the new brain cells forming.

Because one of the benefits of fasting is that you have neurogenesis. You’ve been actually make new brain cells and you stopped the anti-inflammatory effect.

So if you have inflammation or arthritis you just won’t ever go away if you keep eating and then used to stop repairing.

Number three if you’re consuming the typical breakfast foods where there cereals or orange juice, toast, pancakes, waffles, fruit sweet and yogurt that type of thing.

Hyper-Hypo cycles and carvings

Wow what’s going to happen is that you’re going to create up a nice big spike in Insulin. It’s going to come down about 90 minutes later and you’re going to be really really hungry right before a lunchtime. Not to mention craving sweets and then because the blood sugars now are going up and down you’re going to notice also at night you’re going to crave the wrong foods.

So those people that crave at night usually are eating too many carbs in the morning or too many carbs the day before.

So just make a mental note of that if you’re not hungry don’t eat. Stretch your limits for as long as you can and then maybe have your meal right at noon.

That can be your first meal you’re going to feel much better and then just add one more meal for dinner and you’re going to be really impressed not just on how much weight you lose but you’re going to have so many benefits of just doing that fasting from the last meal all the way until lunch.

All right so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it.

As we being told that breakfast is most important meal of the day. But here are 3 side effects of breakfast:

  • Decrease in the metabolism.
  • Less body cleaning process and increased ageing.
  • Increased carvings and hypoglycemia 


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