Tops Bob 154cm Knife Review

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In the Tops Bob 154cm knife review, we’re reviewing one of the top-selling knives for a fixed blade knife. Let’s get a better look at the Tops bob, Brothers of Bushcraft, 154cm Knife.

Tops Bob 154cm Features

The Tops Bob 154cm Knife has a…

  • Micarta or G10 handle option
  • The total blade length from the handle scales, to the tip of the knife, is 154 cm.
  • An actual cutting edge of 4.3 inches.
  • The Tops BoB has a scandi grind.
  • The knife uses 1095 high-carbon steel.
  • The Rockwell hardness is 56 to 58.
  • You will get a Kydex sheath.
  • The weight is 9.870 ounces.
  • 3/16 of an inch thick blade.

The Knife In Action

This is just an awesome little 154cm knife. There are many little bonus features you get with this blade.

The Tops Bob 154cm knife review showed how fine I can get awesome, thin wood shavings with that scandi grind. A larger knife with a scandi grind can tend to be a little weak. This knife works great to get the thing hair shaving sharp. That makes it so easy to carve and whittle. You’ll get great tender going for a fire.

Tops Bob 154cm Knife Review

Tops Bob 154cm knife Jimping

The jimping feels amazing along that back spine, very aggressive. It’s a little uncomfortable when you’re carving without gloves on, although, I usually have some form of gloves on.

The Tops BoB gives you good traction. I like that the cutting edge of the blade is uncoated. That makes it just slide through the material you’re cutting through a lot easier.

Cutting and Carving

So very, very easy to do cutting and carving stuff. This Tops BoB 154cm review showed where this knife is really at home. It is designed for is this type of stuff. Using your Tops Bob to carve and make stakes and tent pegs. Different things like that. Carve out a spoon, or a pipe. Sit around your fire and have a puff.

That’s really what this Tops Bob blade is designed for. It is a home run at that. An amazing, amazing knife to use like this.

Design Purposes

This is designed to be a bushcraft or 154cm type of knife. It’s not necessarily a tactical knife. It’s not a jack of all trades knife. This is a 154cm knife, designed for that exactly.

It is superb and handles just amazingly well. The Tops 154cm knife is designed for all this type of use. Fantastic ergonomics. Just an awesome knife. The scandi edge can go right through without any effort. Cutting through heavy-duty nylon rope, it’s a breeze.

Tops Bob 154cm Knife Review

Ergonomics of Tops Bob 154 cm knife

The Tops BoB has got a little bit of palm swell, so, very ergonomic. There is a little notch to press your thumb for when you’re doing a chest full reverse cut. It just makes this type of cutting so easy. I like to sit around the campsite and carve like that. The bushcraft style type of cut, chest pull. This Brothers of Bushcraft knife is the most comfortable one I’ve ever used to do that. The handle is long so, I get good leverage. Then there’s a nice little cup for your thumb to grab for added leverage. You can just really go to town and carve and whittle all day and never fatigue your hand.


Let’s look at the handle and how that ties into how well this thing carves. TheTops Bob comes with the option of G10 or Micarta handle. What’s awesome is how big this handle is. Holding it, I got about an inch-and-a-half to spare with my work gloves on. Nice heavy duty gloves too. I can kind of move around at different angles. It’s nice any way you slice it.

Kydex Sheath of Tops bob 154cm knife

The Kydex sheath that they give you with the Tops Bob 154cm knife is nice. They give you a nice thumb ramp. It’s very easy to push off and pull the knife out. There is a Kydex loop for your Ferro rod. Real nice. It’s nice and snug in there. I’m not worried about it falling out.

Belt Clip

You get the well-known Tops belt clip, rotates 360 degrees. You can take that off if you so desire, it’s just held on by a hex head bolt. It will fit on larger Molle loops. I do like that you can carry the knife all sorts of different ways. The only downside is if you’re carrying it horizontally the knife handle is going up pretty high and will be kind of starting to do a job in your ribs. So, I like to carry kind of at a 45-degree angle. That helps.

 Other than that, I mean, awesome Kydex sheath. A lot better than a lot of other knives on the market for the same price.

Notched Tang of Tops bob 154cm knife

Tops give you a little notch on the exposed tang on the back of the Bob. This is supposed to be used to hit your Ferro rod. Or, scrape the magnesium sticks and cause sparks to fly so you can start your fire. I recommend using the uncoated steel facing the Ferro rod. As you hit, that gives you a really good spark. To be trying the other way with the Ferro rod with the blank spot showing, then it doesn’t catch very well. It does throw good sparks. You can shave the magnesium rod, which is great. It saves your edge, you’re not having to use the edge of your knife to try and throw sparks.

Testing Spark Notch With Tender

 I brought some tender with me to see if, without the magnesium rods, I can get the tender started real quick, with the little spark notch on the back of the Bob.

 It was very easy with that Ferro rod that Tops gives you. Very easy to get your fire started. An awesome little feature that they give you on the Tops Bob 154cm. I think it works perfectly.

 Chopping Wood

  • The scandi grind of the Tops Bob chops right into the dead limbs of small trees I tried it on. In some cases, it went almost clear thru the limb in one chop. The Tops Bob is not your designated chopper, but, it can do some minor chopping. With that scandi grind, I mean, it just blows it away.
  • The Tops Bob can do light shopping for you. The blade is 4.3 inches of actual cutting edge, so, you’re just not going to be able to span a lot. 


This knife can take that hard abuse of batoning. I’m glad it has a drop point with no sharpened swedge. This makes it very easy to have a really good strike when you hit the piece of wood. You can do some light batoning with your Tops Bob.

Tactical Use?

  • This knife is not designed to be a tactical blade, but, I’ve been hearing some reports of guys using this over in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • It gives you superb lock up, fantastic lock up. Awesome deep jimping. Nice finger guard. The blade design is fantastic for that really good strong tip. It’s also precise enough that it is going to get in there and penetrate.
  • If you are a guy who wants to use this as a tactical knife, I think you could do that. The sheet set-up isn’t designed for it, but, I can do stabbing techniques to defend myself against wolf attacks or some such.
  • I could do that with this Tops Bob.

Conclusion: Tops Bob 154cm knife Review

Alright everyone, so you’ve read about the Tops Bob Brothers of Bushcraft knife in action. For 1095 3/16 inch thick, under a 5-inch knife, this is my favorite one that I have reviewed. This thing is mind-blowing! The price point is just a bit over a hundred bucks.  The edge retention is insane. I love that scandi grind. Great handle construction. Awesome high-quality US-made knife. It carves and cuts like no other knife in its category. It feels very comfortable in your hand. Great Kydex sheath. The little options are great. The bow drill hole, the fire notch for the fire steel. Everything about this Tops Bob just blows me away. I highly, recommended it.

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