Wedding Cake Trends in 2020 – Make The Best Choice

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When we are talking about a wedding cake, we all know how they are the stars of the occasion. but another thing that comes in there is the design as many people who are looking for the perfect design during that time. Wedding cakes play a really important role in the wedding. And so we all like to get our wedding cake according to the latest trend. Let us check the wedding cake trends in 2020 so that you can have the best cake on your special day.

Everyone has their attention towards the wedding cake at one point of time so make sure that you are able to have a beautiful wedding cake. You can always order cake online with your specific requirements or design. It will be delivered to you in no time. So, all you need to know is the wedding cake trends in 2020 so that you can place the order properly.

The wedding cake plays a really important role in the wedding and it is also the symbolism of the commitment and the bind that the bride and groom will share together. The wedding cake is cut by them first and the first slices of the cake are being fed to them by each other. This beautiful culture makes the wedding more beautiful. So, to make this portion of your wedding tremendous I think you should have a look at the latest wedding cake trends for 2020.

Then the cake is served to the rest of the guests with a glass of champagne. This will just make it all really beautiful for them as well as others and that is why the wedding cake has to be a masterpiece and trendy. As it is now the wedding season, lets check the wedding cake trends in 2020:

Wedding cake trends in 2020

2020 is a very difficult year. A year of pandemic. And due to this many of us had to postpone our marriage and wait. And whoever are getting married in this situation cannot enjoy to the fullest. But at least let us take care of those things which can be taken care of. At least go for a wedding cake which is perfect according to the wedding cake trends in 2020.

Wedding cake trends in 2020

Square single tier wedding cake

As we are seeing the prevailing situations, one tier square wedding cake is just perfect for the celebrations. It is definitely a small cake in comparison to the traditional wedding cakes but this cake is just bound to leave your guests in awe. This 1 tier wedding cake is perfect for the micro weddings or weddings where there are fewer people involved.

Square wedding cakes are just bound to put a smile on your face and as we know that the traditional cake is rounder but now it has been replaced by the square-shaped cake. Just the choice if you are going to invite fewer people.

Wedding Cake Trends in 2020

The world is changing and cake trends 2020 surprises me when I see a very simple cake like square single tier wedding cake is the latest trend. People nowadays are finding one tier square wedding cake as elegant and more classy. In this case, I would recommend square wedding cakes with flowers on it.

Edible flowers wedding cake

If you just happen to throw a garden wedding then according to the latest wedding cake trends wedding cakes with edible flowers is perfect for you. There are times when we just don’t want the creamy flowers or the artificial flowers in the cake as then again even though the cake might look beautiful but the taste is just not the same. So, what can you do is that you can always get the edible flowers in the wedding cake.

Just ask your baker to choose the flowers rather than choosing the flowers on your own. As there may be times when you are not aware of the flowers which are edible and which are not. But your baker has complete knowledge about it. So, the best way is to ask your baker about the edible flowers for your wedding cake.

Wedding Cake Trends in 2020

As of speaking for wedding cake trends in 2020, flower geode cake is one of the most popular trends. If you are going to order cake online, then you will definitely find many cake points where people are searching for flower geode cakes. And different online cake stores are also recommending flower geode cakes for wedding. In the following section we will discuss on geode wedding cake.

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Geode wedding cake

Of all the wedding cakes, I like this variation the most. It is so elegant and precious. It was the look of a party as well as the elegance of royalty. For those, who do not have any idea on geode cake, geode cake is a very special type of cake that has geological formation in a closed cavity of sedimentary and volcanic rocks.

It looks like there are crystals between the rocks. If you have ever gone through a geode cake blue, then you will obviously agree with me that this cake will definitely add to the beauty of your wedding party. In this case, my recommendation will be to go for a sprinkle geode cake.

Geode wedding cake for 2020

It is perfectly alright that you are trying to go with the latest trend, but keep in mind that all bakers are not perfect for geode cake. Well experienced bakers even take 12-18 hours of time to prepare a well designed flower geode cake for wedding. So choose your baker wisely in this case.

Vegan and gluten-free cake

This trend is just on the rise rapidly and you can always have a taste of this cake, they are just going to be the same as the buttery delights that you have but that is only possible with the right baker so you need to choose your baker carefully to have this cake in your wedding as there might be people who have some diet restrictions and cannot handle sugar well so this cake is a good choice.

Not only for the wedding cake preparation but the cake also has tremendous popularity as a birthday & christmas cake online as well. All you have to do is just place an order. See, it is the time when many of us are facing one or another health issues. And for this reason at least gluten-free cake can be a great choice.

Wedding Cake Trends in 2020

Moreover, people are now so much conscious about their health that whether they follow wedding cake trends in 2020 or not they will always follow their diet restrictions. So, go and check the list of your near and dear ones. May be gluten-free cake would become your one and only choice if any of your special guest has issues with traditional cakes.

European tile pattern

A little blue in the wedding cake will just make it look a lot elegant and you can always celebrate your wedding with this, the might seem complex but it is just such a beautiful cake, all you baker is going to use is the stencil, brush, wafer paper or mix of all three. These also seem really elegant when there is a garden wedding taking place. You can always have this either with the butter cream or with the fondant icing.

Wedding Cake Trends in 2020

European tile cake is not as much popular the other options. But is has its own customer base. There are always some people who think out of the box and like things uncommon. For them, surprise is more important than beauty or taste. I am not saying that European cake is not beautiful or tasteless. But, we will say that it is different.

And I think as 2020 is a different type of year itself, the wedding cake trends in 2020 will also be different. And may be European tile cake will come to light and become the latest wedding cake trend.

Fault in line cake

These are cakes which are just beautiful and are similar to the geode cakes which are found around what the baker does is, he deliberates, makes the crevices and fills these crevices with the sprinkles, strawberries, cookies or flowers. Usually this happens in the middle of the cake. This cake will just prove to be a really different one especially with the berries and all and your wedding will have a star that everyone will just look at and adore.

Wedding Cake Trends in 2020

The wedding cakes play a really crucial role in the wedding so you need to decide what exactly you would like for the wedding. It is your wedding, your day. The day when you are the celebrity. So, why would you keep any flaw. Make it perfect top to bottom. Our article was focused on acknowledging you the wedding cake trends in 2020. I hope we have done it properly. Now lets recommend you some of the most relevant things that you night require with your wedding cake.

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I hope you have liked our discussion on wedding cake trends in 2020. Please do comment and let us know if you have any further query in this topic. We are really eager to hear from you.
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